Engrossed in her own worlds of fantasy and bereft to the reality and it’s consequences that would eventually unfold, she entered the room, accompanied by a friend and unaware of the fact that there’s no reversal or a replay to this moment of her life. How did she end up here? Are these 100 year old benches and the subdued walls and broken windows a part of her perfect written dream? A myriad other questions popped up in her mind, each one perplexing her more than the preceding. And she was utterly clueless to all these answers. 

The doors of a completely new life had opened up and she was struggling hard to get over with the hangover of the past six months and begin a routine life. The struggle of deciding what is right and what is not. What was important was her perception. For 17 long years of her life, the well-wishers in her perfect dreamy life taught what was white and corrected her if she was in a black compartment. So unfair it seems when someone decided the black and white for you, until you’re thrown into the open sea alone. How she wished that someone would pop out of thin air and take over the guiding wheels from her hand! That period when you’re midway between two extreme and opposite ends and then your ability to chose between them will decide the level of confusion in your mind. And sadly, the impact of those well- wishers was so strong that she was left with a constant hope of support from their side! The mind that was already preoccupied with the complex mechanisms and placements of the body, started pondering upon the road which would lead her to her “white” in life. 


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