Life in a medical college 

This is my first step to pen my thoughts. 

Silencing your mobile alarm, getting up from those old creaky beds of the government hostels and reluctantly exiting a world of sweet dreams in order to enter into the daily routine- The commencement of your good morning in a medical college. The minds of all those young aspirants were already filled with dreams of how they were about to enter a world which would teach them to remove sadness and hopelessness around them. Expectations were raised high, owing to the fact that this was a noble profession and the fact that entering a medical college is considered to be a milestone in your path of life. And the reality is that this is just the beginning of a very long journey.

Before one gets a chance to cure people from their illness, medical study would teach all its students to value essentials of life. Time management would invariably be the first life lesson in any medical student’s life. As your eyes get accustomed to the hues of morning light and as you enter the lobby, you see the world rushing over things. Some people, with book in one hand and toothbrush in another, yet some others with a cup of tea amidst a pile of papers and accompanied by heavy books. Everything here is in a fast forward mode, the tiny chirping voices of small birds and rustling of morning leaves- soft sounds that metaphorize early mornings, are drowned by the demand of medical students to maintain a strict schedule of getting to college and giving your 100% in the next 24 hours. This new day, just like many others, would reveal interesting areas of a human body in anatomy. It would reveal yet another mechanism in physiology and a yet another pathway in biochemistry. Don’t you think it is fascinating to be lost in the mechanics and architecture of your own body everyday and come out only to discover something new? Think about it. Everyday, you take a scalpel and a toothed forcep in your hand, to mercilessly cut open an unknown person’s body. It may seem really gross or creepy to a layman. But the only thing that comes into focus in a medical student’s eye, is neither the cruelty of cutting open a body, nor the rotting smell or the disturbing sites of the dissection table. It is, indeed, that nerve or that vessel or that muscle of interest on that day. 

So what is this gap between one’s expectation and the actual reality? Too narrow. This width would solely depend on your motive for entering medical. Each and everything here is interesting and fascinating, and the consequences are just as you anticipated. The only difficulty, or rather fun, lies in the journey. 

So now we enter the harsh, yet incredible and humorous reality of a medical student’s life. Imagine yourself in a room full of small granules of sand. The sand variegated into a black and a brown color. Your only task is to separate this bicolour sand into two different dunes. Numerically and theoretically, we tag this possible. And all this tedious task must be completed in a given time frame. So the medical syllabus is like this big sand dune. It is extensive and we, as human beings, are invariably spellbound by the specifics of the human body, since we are not the creators. So our strength is implied by the way through which we traverse this gap between the reality and the expectation. It is important that we confront the vital necessities and at the same time embrace the reality as a consequence of our expectation.

In those initial days, one would strive to settle in a new hostel life, isolated from the luxuries and their extravagant lifestyles. Meanwhile, amidst this, we were introduced to anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. We’re engrossed so much into these 3 subjects that perhaps what the world perceives as sacrifices by the doctors is merely a part of our routine. 

Like myriad other students, I’m also someone who comes from a doctor family. Whether its a boon or bane, I don’t know. But it gives me the liberty to think broadly and widen my spectrum of perception. Perhaps this is the reason why my expectations blossomed into hard core reality. I can proudly say that I’m a medical student and my college life is a different world altogether. I know what it takes to cure someone out of their illness and my only expectation was to give my fullest in achieving that. I just ask for strength to transform this expectation in a reality. 

After passing school life everyone says that we’ve entered college life. The truth is, we’ve actually entered a school of life. I would like to place medical college in the highest possible school of life and this reality brings immense pleasure and satisfaction. It was never a question of reality v/s expectation, it was always a question of my ability to transform my expectations into my reality. 



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